The Only Way Out Is Through


To ascend means to go higher. But you can’t soar in life with the bags of the past weighing you down. You’re not happy, peaceful or fulfilled because you’re not conscious of your connection to your divinity, which is your true self. And your not conscious because the pain of your ego (false self) keeps you numbing yourself with your distractions/addictions of choice. And as long as you are unconscious, you will always feel dissatisfied within yourself to whatever degree that you need healing.

Many people think, “Once I get that job/car/spouse/house/status/salary/body etc., I will be complete! Fulfilled!” They believe that fulfillment is a matter of acquisition. But the truth is that in the infinite limitlessness of your being, there is nothing to acquire…you are already complete. You don’t know this because your self-identity is aligned with the pain/fear/trauma of the programmed data that has been accepted by the ego, & by ego I’m referring to your thoughts, beliefs, & emotions. You are none of these.

True joy & fulfillment is a matter of aligning w/ your true self, there you will find what you thought had been missing all along. You do this by releasing identification with and attachment to your ego self. This process is what is called inner healing, and there are many paths that can lead you to this freedom including, but not limited to, meditation, visualization, incantations, affirmations, energy healing, sound therapy, coaching, counseling, self observation and spiritual study, proper nutrition & exercise.

It’s the pain that creates the illusion that you’re empty, broken, insufficient, incomplete. Once you heal & let go of the mental & emotional wounds (which basically means you no longer rest your identity in them), the completion of your true self will be revealed.

There are lessons in your pain that must be learned before you can ascend. That’s why suppression will never set you free. You have to look at the pain, feel it, & be with it. Then get the message, grow, and move on. The only way out, is through.

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