Simple, Powerful Prayer


In the grand scheme of creation, there are reasons far beyond our present understanding as to why certain things happen or don’t happen in our lives. If you enjoy peace and happiness, it’s important not to resist what is. Complete acceptance of what is, is the path of peace and joy. It’s the path of surrender…trusting that God, The Universe is perfectly designed and intelligent enough to know what I don’t, to see what I can’t, and to lead me to what’s ultimately best for me and all of creation. It’s a powerful, fulfilling and stress-free way to live.

My ongoing simple prayer is that whatever is for my best and highest good and for the greater good of all, let it be so. I realize that I’m simply a co-creator in this dream called life, and compared to the divine, my perspective is severely limited. My ego self has desires that may not always align with my highest path, but my heart is completely surrendered to the divine so I’m always good with whatever is…I’m not attached to my ego’s desires.

This intention, that I only want what is in alignment with my best and highest destiny and the greater good for all, keeps me in a state of allowance rather than resistance. I know without a doubt, that whatever is happening, at any given moment in my life, can only be good. My heart is surrendered and I am always at peace. Love and light, Selena J

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