Relax and Enjoy the Journey


With every step of this journey called life, it becomes more and more clear to me that no matter what my plans are, there’s always a chance that the Almighty has a different idea. And because I no longer believe in suffering, I no longer resist the divine flow of my life, no matter how different the course is from what I think it should be.
My recipe for a happy, peaceful and fulfilled life is to relax, attach myself to nothing (especially plans), and stay tuned in to divine timing; for all is transient and plans can change at any moment.
The universe has taught, and continues to teach me much about patience, trust and timing, and I’m so grateful. I no longer hurry to get somewhere in life that may not even be in the cards for me. Now, I relax and enjoy the journey. In each moment, I feel and live fully, for tomorrow may not come as I expect.

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