Love Like It’s Your Last Day To


Most of us have emotional wounds that, if we aren’t careful, will cause our hearts to close in an attempt to protect it from experiencing that sort of pain again. The problem here is that when you allow your heart to close to prevent pain, you close it off to love too, not just pain.

If you want to give, receive and experience the bliss of unconditional love between you and yourself, you and your God, and you and other humans, you must heal. Which means you must surrender, which means you open your heart again.

Also, the energy we call God is pure unconditional love and lives in your heart. A closed heart inevitably cuts you off from your divine spiritual source and prevents you from experiencing the type of pure love that you truly desire.

So how to start the process? Meditate. Guided meditations, working with crystals for the heart chakra, energy healing such as reiki and Pranic healing, pets, and a host of other tools and methods may assist you in healing and opening the heart. Do some research and discover. For most, healing doesn’t just happen, it takes a conscious and consistent effort. And for many, the heart closed very young as a result of childhood pain and trauma so inner child healing work may be necessary.

Never allow pain from the past to hinder your future, always be truthful, and continue to love like it’s your last day to.

-Peace, love and light, Selena J

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