Let Love Speak


Love, to me, is an absolute concept as opposed to relative. Love is perfect and pure – something beautiful, magical and magnificent – its not one thing for you and then something different for the next person. Love, just is.

Love is a phenomenon that we have yet to grasp and I believe that we will never grasp it until or unless we spend time with it – in its true essence, rather than our concept of it.

Our concept of love has been warped so much so that we mistake it for so many things that its not and because of that, we never get to truly experience it for what it truly is. We therefore end up inviting in and spending time with everything but love…we invite in and experience our concept of love, but not love.

To know love, we must become a student of love and to become a student of something, you must spend time with it. Love is the essence of our nature, and to experience it, all you must do is be silent…be still…and let love speak. You redefine love by letting love teach.

-peace, love, & light,

selena j

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