Inner Heart Healing Guided Meditation Experience w/ Selena J

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This Inner Heart Healing Guided Meditation flows in a purposeful format that gradually takes you through various levels of relaxation and ultimately, into your inner heart for observation, exploration, and release. This is not a meditation to ‘listen to’ rather, one to experience. Each moment, each word and inflection in my voice is slowing your thoughts and shifting your consciousness into energetic alignment with your wholeness.

The purpose of this mediation is to guide your consciousness into freedom from emotional pain and suffering.

The journey through this meditation will assist you with tuning out the noise of your thoughts and outer world, so that you may enter into your inner space of stillness and silence. This inner space of stillness is what gives rise to the expression of whatever is in your inner heart for the purpose of release. Release simply means that you no longer identify with the pain because you now identify with your wholeness.

This meditation takes you into the pain to look at it, feel it, and heal it through loving acceptance and realization of truth. Truth is, you are already whole, expansive, and free. Our objective is to shift you into energetic alignment with the blissful freedom that already exists as you.

In your rational mind, this may not seem possible, however, it is clear to see and experience once you get past the pain. The only way out, is through. Now let’s get on with the business of healing and loving ourselves so that we may get on with the business of helping this world heal through the loving kindness of our wholeness.

Please Note: If you visualize opening your crown chakra as instructed to in the beginning of this meditation, be sure to complete the meditation through to the end for the closing of your crown chakra and grounding your consciousness back into your body and the earth.

Breakdown of this Meditation

The first 20 minutes of visualizations are to assist you in quieting the mind, grounding into the earth, and centering into your Self. Because the mind is not accustomed to being still, it does not quiet down easily, so this step is essential for the relaxation of the mind, body and emotions; which is necessary for inner healing.

Over the next 10 minutes you are gradually guided into the space of your inner heart, aka your heart chakra. Here you are asked to observe, feel and connect with the energies in your emotional heart center. I then guide you through a powerful self-healing visualization that leads lightens you up significantly.

The next several minutes shower with you positive affirmations and declarations that anchor you into the truth of your expansive, magnificent, and beautiful Self. You are then lead through a visualization to bring your conscious awareness back into your body and back into this 3D reality.

About Selena J

Selena J is a clairaudient and clairvoyant Spiritual Consultant and Healer specializing in helping people fulfill their best and highest destiny through intuitive readings, energy healing, spiritual life coaching, and guided meditation classes. She founded the Meditation Lounge as a physical location in St. Louis, Mo to provide people with a safe and sacred space to heal, discover their true purpose, and to practice a spiritual lifestyle in a community of like-destined souls.

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To get the most of out this meditation, clear your schedule and set your environment to be free and clear of distractions for 43 minutes. Then sit with your spine straight or lie down. Press play.


I do not own the rights to this music, only the guided meditation. Spreading love. No copyright infringement intended.

First Music Track is Meditative Mind- Meditation Music by artist: Dilpreet Bhatia

Second Music Track is Steve Gorn – At Ease

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