Don’t Worry About the How, Just Trust

Earlier this year I got a call from Clayton law firm Armstrong Teasdale asking if I’d be interested in participating in their wellness program by leading a weekly guided meditation for the employees. The arrangement was only for 3 months. Last week was the end of that 3 month program and I went in expecting it to be my last session…I was thrilled when they asked if I would continue!
They were talking about keeping me if there was enough interest and apparently those who had been coming regularly wrote testimonials and the decision was made to keep me on! I told the universe that I’d be happy either way, for I know that what is for me, is for me.
Three years ago this month, I quit my job ending an 11- year on-air radio career to follow my heart’s desire to help ppl connect with inner peace, purpose and inner healing. Was I a bit afraid and insecure about money? Yes. But I followed my guidance and I’ve never missed a meal, mortgage or any payments and when unexpected expenses came up, I always had the resources to cover them. My classes always have a crowd and I currently have a waiting list for private sessions! I am now at a new level of trust and it’s incredible.
I share this not to brag, but to encourage and inspire you to follow your bliss! You’re here, so you might as well relax and enjoy the journey while doing what you love! Don’t worry about the how. Just trust your inner voice and know that as you walk in your purpose, you will always be provided for. TRUST and BELIEVE!


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