Check Out This Citrine!


Meet Kathryn, one of our Meditation Lounge members. She’s wearing a beautiful natural citrine chip necklace and bracelet that she recently bought from our store.

If you’re not familiar with this powerful crystal, citrine is considered the ‘success stone’ and is helpful for creating personal, business, and financial success in your life. We have citrine sterling silver rings, necklaces and bracelets, along with lots of other natural crystal and stone jewelry to assist you with various aspects of your personal growth and spiritual development.

Crystals are made by the earth and contain high vibrational frequencies that help you align with whatever properties they hold. Mankind has been using them for their healing properties since the beginning of time! A lot of our jewelry is hand made by my beautiful mother so we have many one of a kind pieces.

The store is open just before and right after class on Wednesdays and Sundays only.

See you in class today! Journey Meditation starts at 4pm. We’re located at 10073 Manchester Road, #100, 63122 inside the Healing Arts Center.

More about what we do online at

IG: @mloungestl @selenajdotcom

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