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The Answer to Your Problems…


Everyone has problems. And for the majority, any problem can be traced back to one simple cause; not knowing what to do. If you knew what to do, then you wouldn’t have a problem, right? Right. So the vast majority of us are searching for others to tell us what is wrong, and what to do about it. I am of the strong belief that we all already have the answers to our problems readily available. The only problem here is that, well, we don’t know that we do. I have personally experienced being my own teacher, healer and counselor,…

Why A Relationship Won’t Make You Happy (and what to do about it)


So are you single and satisfied or are you miserable without a mate? Like most everything, the side you stand on comes down to one simple thing, your perspective. Do you look to other people to make you happy and fulfilled, or can you find happiness and fulfillment within yourself? Believe it or not, most people want someone else to make them feel amazing, yet they have no clue as to what makes them feel amazing. They want to be happy, yet they do not know what makes them happy and so they think that having a guy or girl…

Why We Settle


Sometimes it’s really easy to take the path of least resistance, especially when you are comfortable and things are convenient. You’ve done it right?  We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. At some point, you made a decision to stop there, either temporarily (until you realized what you were actually doing) or permanently. Either way, at some point, you decided that you weren’t going any further. Be it a job, a spouse or lifestyle, many people just stop in mid air. You were soaring to new heights in your life and all of the sudden you stopped. What…

How To Love


He was brilliant and beautiful, a spiritually gifted being; at first, that’s all I could see. Over time, she showed her shadows, the broken wings she didn’t intend for me to see. You know, that undeveloped, broken part of him/her/we that usually remains hidden in the beginning. But eventually, time reveals all things.  Be it your mother or brother whom you once looked at with eyes that could find no fault in them, or friends and lovers along the way; time reveals all shadows lurking in the dark corners of the human soul. And sometimes, we don’t need time, it’s evident…

How Moving Your Body Heals Your Emotions


One day last year, I had a particularly intense work out with my personal trainer.  I’ve been working out all my life, but never before had I pushed myself so hard during a cardio workout like I did that day, and never before had I experienced what followed. After the work out, my entire body was shaking and slightly vibrating, and all I could do was just sit on the floor to gain composure enough to eventually walk to my car. Once I got in my car, I burst into tears.  It wasn’t from physical pain, nor did I have…

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