And We All Surrendered


Yesterday’s guided Journey Meditation was an incredible gift to everyone in the class. It was another heart healing experience, but this one was different.

Each class, I start off with prayer, a grounding and centering exercise, and then I begin to receive the words and images for the journey. I never know what each class will be like b/c I’m working with the collective consciousness of the group and they pull out of me the experience that they each need.

So apparently those who have been coming are ready to heal from the past and open their hearts to God (which is what is known as surrender) b/c we’ve been working with the heart chakra in different ways for several weeks now. Last night everyone in the class shifted! It was amazing b/c there were 20 of us and EVERYONE let go and surrendered to some degree. That’s never happened before with a group that size.

After every guided meditation, I open the floor for whoever wants to share their experience and I had to fight back tears a couple of times as they described how they dissolved darkness and walls in their hearts and forgave themselves and others who held a negative space there. It was simply powerful. During the surrender part of the meditation, one of my clients heard and saw clearly what her life’s purpose is, which was something she had been running from, but b/c she was in a state of surrender, she was able to hear it clearly and finally accept it! Just wow. Words can’t express the gratitude in my heart today! I’m so full right now.

See you guys this Wednesday for Affirmation Meditation. Class starts promptly at 6:30pm, and as always, you can shop for healing crystals before and after class. More info online at

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